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Paula Maire of Lakes Area Realty, based in Minneapolis, is a Real Estate agent with an interior design degree and a strong background in design and staging. Serving in customer service for the past 15 years, Paula is personable, dedicated, and committed to providing an exceptional experience for her clients. Her drive to provide clients with top notch service has created a strong clientele of happy clients.

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Staging Your Home to Sell

Staging Your Home to SellWhen it comes to selling your home, appearance is everything.  You want to create a space that is neautral and allows buyers to imagine themselves living in your house.

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Curb Appeal for Selling in 2020

Curb Appeal for Selling in 2020Curb appeal is where it's at when you are preparing your home for selling. Just like you'd want to put their best foot forward when going on a date, the same goes for

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Selling a Home in Richfield 3 easy steps to getting more

Selling a home can be an emotional roller coaster one that many of us do as few as times as possble.;

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